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Tap Into Giving

Tap Into Giving is the charity arm of the Tap Room. We believe in giving back to the communities that surround us as well as international projects. We welcome donation requests so feel free to send us a message from your organization.

Below is a project recently completed. A kitchen and dining hall built in a primary school in Kenya.

A photo of a group of children happily surrounding a woman.

While on their Honeymoon in Kenya, Tap Room founder Jayme and his wife Courtney were able to visit the Laburra Primary School. During their visit they fell in love with the children, their infectious spirits, larger than life smiles and overwhelming enthusiastic personalities.

Although the students, ages 6-14, were all extremely happy and full of life, they couldn’t help but notice the truly astonishing conditions deteriorating certain parts of the school. They had the opportunity to sit down with the headmaster who informed them that their biggest need was a new kitchen and dining hall for the students.

The current “kitchen” is no more than a small wooden shack. There are currently 339 students in the school and this small, unsafe kitchen feeds all of them. Food is provided by the government but is not always available.

Their goal was to raise 25K to build a new dining hall and kitchen at the school. This cost covered the building, the ovens, kitchen equipment, benches and tables.

The Tap Room family of customers, friends, vendors and employees were able to raise the needed funds and build a dining hall and kitchen, immediately changing the lives of hundreds of children and thousands for years to come. Thank you to everyone who helped contribute.

Below are some pics of the completed project!!