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Dave & James discovering new beers in Belgium (Fall 2017)
🔉 LISTEN TO THE STORY: Jayme and Dave join the The 495 Podcast to tell the story of how they went from dead broke to running five-plus restaurants/bars on Long Island

In 2011, Tap Room founders James Bonanno and David Johnson were both bartenders at a seasonal Tiki Bar. Between packed Long Island summer shifts, they would pass the time discussing their potential futures, which naturally included the types of restaurants and bars they dreamed of owning. These conversations became serious when they learned of an available space on Main Street in Patchogue. Determined to make their dreams a reality, they took the first step.

Knowing that personality alone wouldn’t suffice, and after realizing that banks were reluctant to lend to two ambitious friends in their mid-20s, James and David gathered initial capital from supportive friends and family. Over the next few years, they tirelessly worked to repay those who believed in them before there was any tangible reason to.

Defining hospitality precisely is challenging, but its presence is unmistakable, as is its absence. From the outset, David and James aimed to blend the warmth and personality of a traditional local pub with elevated pub fare that could stand on its own. Their motto: “No frozen apps!” Coinciding with the Craft Beer boom, pairing their food with new and exciting beer options was a natural fit. To this day, each Tap Room location frequently rotates its draft menu, featuring both national and local craft brews. Encouraging customers to explore the Craft Beer menu through flights instead of just pints remains a core aspect of the Tap Room experience.

James and David have always wanted every guest, whether unwinding after work, celebrating a birthday, catching up with a friend, or engaging in full-on celebrations, to feel welcome and appreciated. As Tap Room expanded, maintaining this spirit of hospitality and sharing it with new communities became a central goal.

December 2023 marked a milestone with the opening of the sixth Tap Room location in Jericho. This expansion is part of a broader vision, soon to include additional locations at the Station Yards project in Ronkonkoma, as well as in Garden City. Each new Tap Room aims to replicate the unique combination of warmth, quality fare, and exceptional beer selection that has become synonymous with the brand, further extending the founders’ original vision of creating a welcoming space for every community they serve.

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